About Us

55pixels is a multi award winning gaming company focused on building great digital games that are loved by kids, their siblings, parents and grand-parents. Our current on-line game has been at the top of the charts for over four years, winning BAFTA after BAFTA (2011-2014) for ‘best kids website’ and we are incredibly proud and humbled by the loyalty and passion shown by our old and new fans.

As a family friendly gaming studio we take security very seriously and while our passion is to build totally compelling and immersive games for all ages, the security, protection and gameplay environment for our players is our number one priority. Our vision is to carry on building games that are loved by everyone.

55pixels is a new name for the company (Bin Weevils Limited) to reflect the imminent launch of our latest game ‘Crater Craft’ as we become a multi property studio. This will be initially launched on tablets but will be released on a wide variety of platforms over the coming months.

We have an amazingly talented collection of game developers, designers and community managers all of whom share a passion for digital gaming. The biggest buzz is the immediate feedback we get from releasing new titles or updates to the kids – talking to hundreds of thousands of kids through the Internet gives the team an instant response to their work!