Meet The Team

  • Richard

    Richard, CEO

    I'm a passionate gamer, whether it's losing at Fifa to my 15 year old or working through the plethora of fantastic games on the app store - I'm still hooked. Our goal is to build fantastic games that can be played by everyone and that's how we run the company - supporting talented individuals who can make beautiful, engaging, fun and addictive games. We are always on the lookout for great partners or just to share ideas, so just get in touch.

    [email protected]
  • James

    James, Marketing Director

    I love gaming but am specifically fascinated by audience behaviour, loyalty and global markets. My mission is to take the great games we make and turn them into global hits - luckily in the context of digital marketing this involves less time in airports than it used to. I am always on the lookout for new marketing ideas or partners so please get in touch.

    [email protected]
  • Rob

    Rob, Product Director

    I turned my passion for technology, maths and music into one of the few professions that need this eclectic skill set. I love envisioning a new game and all the twists and turns it needs to be totally absorbing and accessible from the first time you see it. We run a very open development environment and are always on the lookout for new talent; if you think we might be the right studio for you and you’re technically blessed in the gaming department, get in touch.

    [email protected]
  • Matt

    Matt, Sales Director

    My focus is taking the leading children's brands and creating game play and product placement around I can provide clients with a unique immersive experience for their brands which is seen and interacted with by 100,000s of kids every month. I work with the team to make sure all the campaigns we run are positive experiences both for the kids and for the brands. If you are interested in chatting any of this through with me please get in touch.

    [email protected]
  • Nissana

    Nissana, Head of Community

    I'm all about keeping the kids happy! I'm always listening closely to their ideas and feedback and I make sure any issues our players or their parents have are quickly resolved or transformed into new and exciting content! I’m also Head of Safety – this puts me in charge of making sure our moderation teams deliver a safe experience for everyone. I log into our games as Maybee.

    [email protected]
  • Robin

    Robin, Mobile Developer

    Sprite sheets, vectors, 3D/2D modelling - making our worlds come to life - that’s my passion. At 55pixels we have some very demanding players and lots of them, so when building out fully interactive MMO's it needs to be fast, fluid and fun and delivering that experience is incredibly rewarding.

  • Dana

    Dana, Lead Developer for Web

    I love designing and developing new games from scratch, improving and optimising the player experience and adding in new areas with our creative team. Releasing new games every week and seeing the 100,000s of kids react instantly is a real buzz.

  • Sam

    Sam, Flash Designer

    A lot of the new buildings and characters in Crater Craft have come from my vivid imagination and seeing these original sketches come to life on an ipad is awesome. Give me my Cintiq drawing tablet and a coffee and I'm a happy man.

  • Fernando

    Fernando, Flash Designer

    Apart from drawing the caricatures you see here I have been involved as a creative artist in all areas of 55pixels. My most recent public work is the Crater Craft teaser video you can see in the product section of this site. I love creating animated scenes but also love the variety of work I do here.

  • Guy

    Guy, Community Manager

    I work with Drew to look after our millions of players. It's mostly kids who play our games, but we do often chat to parents who can't stop working on their gardens! I answer email enquiries, moderate chat and create social media content for Bin Weevils and Crater Craft. My username is unicron7022, say hi if you see me around!

  • Drew

    Drew, Community Manager

    Guy and I share the community management and I'm also involved in building up the social presence of our games - working hard on Twitter & Facebook etc. We are constantly reaching out to our players for feedback, and we help create in-game content for them based on these ideas.