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At 55pixels, we’re focused on creating fantastic games for everyone. From our BAFTA award-winning web browser game Bin Weevils, to brand new mobile titles like Crater CraftPirates vs The Deep Snakes in Space, we’ve got something for gamers of all ages to download and enjoy!

The 55pixels Parent Portal is designed to offer all the support parents could possibly need and answer any questions you might have about online safety, in-app purchases and personal privacy when you or your child is playing a 55pixels game.

If you think we’ve missed anything, please contact us directly at [email protected]. Please be sure to include as much information as possible in your message so our dedicated support team can assist you as quickly as possible.


Our web browser game Bin Weevils is offered to players of all ages, particularly children aged 7-14. You can find out more information on the Bin Weevils Terms of Service and Parents pages.

All of our mobile games are offered with a recommended age rating that can be viewed before a purchase or download can be completed. These ratings show the age group the game is suitable for and that age group is determined following a review of the imagery and content presented in each game.

For more information on how these age ratings are determined, alongside instructions to restrict downloads of unsuitable age ratings on your device, please visit the support pages for Google and Apple.


Chat and online social interaction are major features in several of our games and we are fully committed to providing a safe online environment for every 55pixels player.

Each of our games with chat or social features utilise a dedicated age-appropriate chat system and team of moderators to prevent bullying, abuse or unsuitable behaviour. Players found attempting to chat or behave inappropriately will face moderation action and may lose access to social features of a game as a result.

We also provide players with the ability to ignore or report players that may upset or offend them. Reports are reviewed daily by each moderation team and moderation action will always be taken where necessary.


Several of our mobile games include optional in-app purchases that are not required to play the game. However, making an in-app purchase will grant players access to premium gameplay features to enhance their experience.

In-app purchases are completed within each game with real money and the amount that will be charged to your iTunes or Google Play account will always be clearly displayed in-game.

You can configure the ability of a user to make in-app purchases on your mobile device. You will also be able to manage your Google Play/iTunes account password or disable in-app purchasing completely. This is done differently depending on the device you’re using.

Please find the instructions for our supported mobile devices below:

All mobile in-app purchases are processed through Google or Apple.  Receipts for each transaction will be sent to the email address associated with your Google Play or Apple iTunes account.

On our web browser game Bin Weevils, we offer a paid virtual in-game currency known as Dosh. Unlike our mobile games, Dosh is purchased on our website for use when logged into Bin Weevils. Additional details for Dosh purchasing can be found on the Bin Weevils Dosh page and within the Bin Weevils Terms and Conditions.


Paid downloads and in-app purchases for our Google Android and Apple iOS games are generally non-refundable, however there are special circumstances where exceptions can be made.

If you wish to seek a refund or query a purchase via Google Play or iTunes, we would recommend contacting the dedicated support team for each service to progress with your request.

For Apple (iOS) devices using iTunes:

  • Visit Apple’s support page, select “Contact iTunes store support”, then “Purchases, billing and redemption” and please provide all relevant information.

For Google (Android) devices using Google Play:


Online privacy is as important to us as it is to you! At 55pixels, we do not have access to credit/debit card information or your account passwords. All mobile device payments are made via Google Play or Apple iTunes and any payments made on the Bin Weevils website are configured securely within PayPal.

We do not sell or disclose any customer information to third parties and will always ask permission before forwarding any direct marketing messages to your email address or mobile device.

Find out more by reading the 55pixels Privacy Policy.

Due to the recommended age-range and purchasing process as a web browser game, the dedicated Bin Weevils Privacy Policy is available for review here.


The 55pixels support team are always happy to help & welcome questions, suggestions or feedback!

The easiest way to contact us regarding anything to do with Bin Weevils is here.

For all our other mobile games, please email: [email protected]. In your email, be sure to include any specific details that might be useful, like what happened and when, possible transaction ID receipts, relevant screenshots, etc. The more information we get in your email, the quicker we are able to respond.

Thank you for helping us make the best games we can!

55pixels Team